Ramsey Real Estate Group

Acquisition Criteria

Ramsey Real Estate Group acquires real estate strictly as principals.

What We Buy

We are acquiring shopping centers, storefront retail properties, commercial buildings, niche office buildings and land suitable for retail and commercial development.

We will also acquire portfolios of property and ground leases.

Where We Buy

Our focus is California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, Texas, Florida and throughout the southeast.

Acquisition Structure

Ramsey Real Estate Group prefers straight purchases of property, but we will consider ground leases or master leases, joint-ventures with property owners and fee-development opportunities.

Size and Price

We do not have minimum or maximum size constraints.

We do not have a minimum or maximum price requirement.

Benefits of Working with Ramsey Real Estate Group

  • Track record of highly successful real estate ventures
  • Small, privately held company means fast acting - no committee approval required
  • Flexible to meet the needs of the seller
  • We close escrow quickly
  • Extensive market knowledge
  • Strong equity and debt relationships


To submit a potential acquisition to Ramsey Real Estate Group please contact Jeff Ramsey directly at (858) 477-7734 or by e-mail.